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Jun 23, 2002
My niece and I went to Sosua for Thanksgiving. There, I said it! I keep thinking it will be the last time! You know, I wrote about it on my blog but not here. And I think people will like to here about the hotel we stayed in.

La Cayena or Casa Cayena in Sosua was inexpensive (55 a night for a double.) Clean room, balcony overlooking the pool, clean bathroom (although we forgot to swtich the hot water on, and just lived with cold water thinking that was the way it was. I tried to negotiate down when I checked out and the guy was like, DID YOU TRY THE LITTLE SWITCH NEXT TO THE SINK??? doh.)

We were five minutes from what I think is called PLaya Alicia, a little beach but very nice for us. You have to cut through the Waterfront Hotel to get there.

The bar of the Cayena has a patio to the street and we enjoyed that. Just people watching and relaxing with the ocean not to far away.

Breakfast was included and damn, it was good for me...eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, juice and fruit!

Lunch was plato del dia every day, in town or on the beach.

We ate dinner at Rocky's, had pizza besides the thanksgiving bash. And the pizza was good although the order wasn't right--whatever, it was a great pizza! All the better due to beers, Ted, Larry, and CCCCCCC...

We walked around the town a bit during the day and crashed early...I have been sick with mono and the sea cure was just what I needed.

My niece had a blast and she is still talking about it at home in NY.

We saw Hillbilly and we had fun shopping in Santiago.

I love the Santiago airport. The attendants at AA have been helpful to me the past three trips.

We stayed at the Marriott going in and out of STI. Expensive but you do get what you pay for, and I slept like a baby. That was worth the money as I have been sick. The pool was very nice as was the 24 internet service in the lobby. The food was good, breakfast buffet being the highlight. I did try the spaghetti carbonara and found it way too salty!

Here are a couple of pics for you all to enjoy...

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Sep 19, 2005
another view.....

hope you get better. keep the kissing to a minimum...we dont want that Mono spreading every where.. ha ha ha

plus the socialite... are the new dooo....with my favorite girl..

PS:I got to tell ya those large picture formats mess up posting or editing ha ha ha ha

the slide abr are out fo view most of the time

I think this tip may work...put every pictures link on a seperate line... then they all fall verticle on the page..

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