The Cat



We got a little kitten a couple of weeks ago. It was balanced on the edge of the shoiwer stall looking up at the toilet and decided to jump up didn't know the toilet was an open bowl and landed right in the yellowing water as I stood there adding yellow, kitten of course jumped out and clawed its way up my body as fast as she could, dripping toilet water as she came.
The second incident, my lady was intrigued by the cat litter thing, She knew of cats in a sandbox, but finding such a thing at Jumbo was a new experience for her. A friend of hers stopped by. We had bought a round plastic tub to use for cat litter. Friend, sitting on the couch gasped, "I don't knoiw what you had in that tub, but the kitten just **** in it!"


Congrats on escaping serious very personal injury. Be awful to tell your story to an er doctor as he sewed you up.