The Death of national pride and youth sports in D.R. when will we represent!


Feb 27, 2004
where will our big story come from next, when will the community be crowned champion in the eyes of the international community Peeps, it's official... the day's of playing baseball and softball for pride is coming to a bitter end for Dominican's, the olympic commitee annouced that they will end these sports from there competition, and now our numbers for athlete's being sent to the olympics will be less, this will truly be a blow to this community as far as never receiving a medal for these sports with is suppose to be natural for Dominican's

My uncle who was a coach in the Dominican for many years including myself.. can not comprehend why we have not seen a Dominican baseball team rise from the ashes and represent the island at the LL world series for some years now...nor see traveling AAU boys and girls basketball teams, nor amatuer volleyball teams, nor soccer, nor football or softball, or more track stars emerge from the barrios and show the over-all athletic talent of Dominican's here in the U.S. and abroad...what is going on with the island's (Sedefir), I will go out on a limb and say that Dominican athletisism is far more advanced then all of the carribean and South America with only Cuba and P.Rico standing on even ground...

almost 15 million dominican's world wide and only 15 or more in the national spot light, and most of them in pro baseball...can you imagine the talented powerhouse the island can be with all of those young Dominican and haitian athlete's with real athletic guidance can accomplish, I mean what has happened to our youth programs...the biggest producers of baseball talent in the world..but no amatuer titles to prove it's dominance or show for, neither independent, nor in the Olympics, I mean the country only sent 30 athlete's last year. :cry:

And add insult to injury... Mexico, Curacao, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Hawaii!! and Canada are showcasing there young talent but unbelievably.. no Domincan republic, no where to be seen anywhere in the little league world series... no Dominican's at any age level showcasing I mean... this is baseball we are talking about here!!!

Look! the absence, neglect, non support of the Dominican people, and there leaders and millionaire athlete's only further proves, that the island does not care about national pride, nor for children, or child development programs neither in the island nor in the states, This community can play it all, but it's lacking the organization skills to accomplish even the most simpliestic tasks such as sponsorships, and fundraising and proper professional training for athletic development.

As a community we need to step outside the bubble...and say we can reach goals that have not yet been accomplished, and return to showcase Domincan youth and Amateur sports...I am almost certain that if Cuba given the opportunity... or if given a better situation.. would have showed the world what the Carribean is capable of accomplishing in the world of athletics... in a multitude of sports, because despite that they have nothing there national pride to prove everyone wrong is inspiring to say the least, and here we are as a very free and prosperous community not even have accomplished but... one hall of famer, two division one pro football players, three collegiate famous basketball players, no famous soccer players, no female dominican WNBA players, no little league baseball championships, no olympic baseball or softball gold medals, one popular female volleyball team, one famous track star, one MLB pro manager after Pena quit!, and the list goes on and on...the accomplishments have been to small for such a large and talented oriented community.

For those of you in D.R. wake up those Sedefir directors and for those of you in Miami find those Dominican Athlete's and let's get together here in Orlando, in Tampa as well, and especially in New York, let's learn to play, and learn to teach and learn what we don't know so it can be past on, let's do for those kids and show that they can, and that the community is here, and let those who want to do something about this, at least lift Dominican athletics and move it forward..if you are a part of something or know anyone involve in Dominican athletic development P.M. me so we can talk about this further....if you have any riffs please feel free to add to this thread, in closing it seems that Hawaii and Japan will be the two teams battling out for the world championship two teams that non traditionally are not known for there baseball but yet one of them will be champion this weekend! and Dominican Republic once again looking from the outside in!


Jun 3, 2004
daddy1:This is what I experienced when...

I tried to get information about the status of a sport I was interested in promoting in the DR.
The federation that oversaw the sport was taken over by the Olympic Committee due to mismanagement and misappropriation of funds. The gentleman at the Olympic Committee responsible for the sport, was leaving the country( the same day I arrived) for ten days and there was no one else who could answer the most basic questions I had. Hopefully this was an isolated incident and not indicative of the state of affairs as it relates to sports in the country.


Jan 1, 2002
Some truths

I think you are right to feel disappointed in the general results of the DR athletes, and truly said, SEDEFIR is most certainly to blame along with Education the entire school system and the government in general.

But we can't fix that. For one thing, for me, the person that won the 1976 Dominican Amateur Baseball championship with my PUCMM team,(and all of this, too: the Dominican First Division F?tbol championships of '72, '73. and '74 (undefeated, too!) and who produced dozens of athletes for the DR national teams in Track and Field, Volleyball, F?tball, coached the national team in f?tball, headed the national team in Judo, etcetcetc...) BASEBALL as an amateur Sport in the DR is dead.

Any kid that is 13 or 14 and 5'10" is hunted down like a prize bull, pampered, given money and shown how to play big league baseball....

However, the only sports from the DR that were represented by 5 athletes were Judo and Boxing....All of whom had to qualify to get there, and that speaks volumes as to the dedication of the kids and their trainers.

You chould know that the DR just won 3 gold medals at the US Open Judo Championships in Miama. One of my kids here in Santiago was one of them.
We have a Pan Am Judo champion here, too. And 7 Central American and Caribbean champions just in Santiago!

Baseball and Softball are expensive. Three top of the line softballs cost what one judo "gi" costs...

While the Dominican educational system ignores sports, the more advanced world encourages them, and that is where the DR fails miserably. Kids only get to sports after school where many of the "trainers" are looking for a mealticket or how to make a buck off the work of the kids...Intercollegiate sports? A joke! The PUCMM should win one small version of university games with just three sports: Judo, Tae Kwan Do and swimming!!

Interscholastic sports? Carol Morgan does visit the Centro Educacional de Bonao for some competitions and perhaps they play others, I do not know-probalbly Santiago Christian other words the schools that are modeled on the US system of interscholastic sports--maybe 5 or 6 at most...I'd like to be proved wrong on that...:D:D:D

And, sadly, SEDEFIR is not the answer. At least not the whole answer.
1) Sound interscholastic programs starting at the 8th grade level
2) Intercollegiate athletics on a truly university basis. (Those championship teams were never more than 50% made up of college students!! Nor were they supposed to be-look at the f?tball teems in Mexico and Chile and Per? for example)
3) Withdrawal of support for the so-called "clubs" like Mauricio Baez, San Carlos and others. If they can't make a living off of the dues paid, so be it.
4) Stricter controll over the baseball "farms" signing kids that can't even vote...

Tired of ranting! :ermm: :ermm:

HB :p


Mar 18, 2004
cheer up!

Some good news: my friends Mariel Bros and Claudia Cueli are working hard to make it to the next olympics in Bejing representing the Dominican Republic in synchronized swimming (duet).
OK, this is not a big sport like baseball but these youngsters are working day in day out at the piscina of the Centro Olimpico in SD to get there. I have seen them at work with their team and I was impressed. They went to the Swimming World Championships in Montreal earlier this year. Maybe the DR can even get a full girls team together for the olympics. For those who doubt the atletic skills you need for this, these are the same two girls that crossed the Samana Bay swimming earlier this year.


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Feb 16, 2005
I always wondered that????

I was thinking about that just the other day. I work for a major news network here in NY, which happens to cover the Little League World Series and it occured to me that I have never seen a Dominican team in the series. I have seen Panamanian, Mexican, Puerto Rican and even Cuban but for the life of me I couldn't ever remember seeing the greatest baseball players out there. "The Dominicans". Thank you very much for finally shedding light on this very sad dilemma. I have seen some great teams out there, mostly U.S. teams and from Taiwan but lets be honest, the best players in the major leagues are from DR. Which if the world made any sense would mean that there should be some amazing young talent out there waiting to be seen.
I have been to alot of LL games and one thing that kids, at least nowadays get excited about is when the season begins and they see the roster and find out they have a new teammate. If he is Dominican they take it as a great sign. Imagine a LL team from DR it would probably make the other teams quake in there cleats.


Mar 18, 2002
gatamayo said:
I was thinking about that just the other day. I work for a major news network here in NY, which happens to cover the Little League World Series and it occured to me that I have never seen a Dominican team in the series.
Does the Dominican Republic even have a nationwide Little League system in place?


Mar 18, 2002
daddy1 said:
where will our big story come from next, when will the community be crowned champion in the eyes of the international community Peeps, it's official... the day's of playing baseball and softball for pride is coming to a bitter end for Dominican's, the olympic commitee annouced that they will end these sports from there competition...
I thought Baseball was not going to be an Olympic event in the next summer Olympics.


Feb 27, 2004
Thank's for all your responces guys...but listen to this.

look...Little league baseball is measured by I don't know if this is the problem of why maybe just maybe we haven't sent young successful talent to the world series in years..but I can't believe this for a minute...because Dominican Republic haven't even sent a A.A.U. team to the U.S. for competitions..and in AAU you can make a selection from anywhere in the island as you where are these Kids!

MLB states that they only sign young boys at 16 yrs of age, I find this hard to believe..I went to D.R. combed the capital and what I say as far as youth baseball was very disorganized and sloopy! I ask the cabby what becomes of these kids when there very good he said they are sent to junior camps as the MLB's claim of 16 yrs of age is far from the truth!

And to answer you guys towards the Dominican athlete's coming out in swimming in such...I do understand that there will be indivigual sports that will showcase a Dominican or two...but what I was referring to was the team sports, soccer, girls softball, baseball, volleyball, etc. Curacao is officially on the map as a little league power house because they do not have MLB camps sucking there youth dry so they will continue to be the beneficiary of all the glory in which the D.R. should be enjoying!! :cry:

I live in Orlando...Disney has a multi-million dollar complex called disney's wide world of sports.. they hold tournaments there all year round for every sport you can think of....but as much as I attend these tourny's no Dominican's are no where to be seen...I can understand third world, some poverty, but what the Hell does that have to do with your sports programs
the SEDEFIR in D.R. is clueless of how to run a succesful program, and these petty tournament that they sponsor is nothing but garbage if you ask me.. and yes I believe education is a factor but if your good at any sport...the pro leagues and the N.C.A.A. can work with you just ask, Yao ming, Fredy Adu, Ichiro, or Tim Duncan.. Guys remember look do the numbers:

Over nearly 14 million Dominican's world wide, 2 million and change in the U.S. - several thousands or more in P.Rico - and 8 million or more in the island...what does this say about the Community as a whole? :cross-eye


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Sep 7, 2003
It will eventually be the Dominican Expatriate Population that will bring a positive recognisition to the Dom Rep on an International Level, and it probably wouldn't be baseball either