The Dominican government has properties and assets worth trillions


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Feb 20, 2019

For the first time in history, a Dominican government agency has carried out a census to determine what property the government owns.

The agency, Bienes Nacionales (National Assets) presented the results of the First National Census of State Real Estate Assets, and the numbers are staggering, even in this day and age of billions and trillions of dollars and pesos.

The Dominican state owns 46,737 properties that are valued at RD$12.4 trillion (with a T).

It took nearly a year for hundreds of employees of the Bienes Nacionales agency to count the properties belonging to the state.

According to the breakdown of the numbers, it seems that properties owned by the Customs and Migration agencies are the most numerous and most valuable, totaling over 1.7 billion m2, and worth RD$6.8 trillion. The Legislative Branch owns land and buildings covering 3.2...

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