The End of Analog TV in the DR

Are you ready for the analog shutdown?

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  • I will get a digital TV.

  • I will get a converter box.

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Jan 20, 2003
According to an article published in Diario Libre on February 1, 2023; Indotel is going to shutdown analog television in the DR. This will happen on August 31, 2'23 at 11:59 pm. After that, anyone getting TV signals from traditional antennas will no longer be able to get them.

You will need to either get a new TV already equipped for digital TV or a converter, plug the traditional antenna to the box instead of directly to the TV, and connect the TV to this box too.

The Dominican government has already bought about 450,000 converter boxes (a total cost of US$9.3 million absorbed by the government). These will be given at no cost to poor households only (one box per home), which leaves out most expats.There is one DR1er that lives in SDE that has said in multiple threads that her funds are limited, so perhaps she qualifies for a free converter box from the government.

Once you get a free converter box from the government (or buy one), it has to be installed. Installation is simple.


Luck is for the unprepared
Jan 23, 2021
In addition; I brought my IP-TV box from Europe for some variety in the offer than the offer via, e.g., Altice.


Nov 2, 2006
Just as the notion of live TV is fizzling out. I know very few people who watch broadcast live TV these days. We ditched our cable box years ago. I prefer to be selective of what I watch. Internet streaming is the future.
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