The Palms condos


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Jul 24, 2014
What can people tell me about this place. Has anyone stayed there before or know anyone who has
May 29, 2006
I lived there for about six months about ten years back. It's about a half mile out of the center of town on the other side of the highway towards Cabarete and there are numerous owners who all run their condos differently. I would walk to town in the day, but at night it was safer to take a moto. Good onsite security.

Every once in a while someone would rent to louder tourists who would have pool parties, but in general it was very quiet. My place was owned by the former owner of Britannia and only about 300 sq ft, but there were other condos that were at least twice as big and had terraces over looking the pool. I was on a long term lease and the rent was very reasonable.


Nov 9, 2006
As Peter said, 99 percent of the time very quiet. Always good security, including a gated area for your car. Great pool and a large covered veranda overlooking the pool. Small colmado just outside the gate, 5 minute walk to the new grocery store at the bottom of the hill, 7 minute walk to the bakery.

Everything from studios to 3 bedroom penthouse.


Jul 23, 2003
The Plams is nice, quiet and in walking distance of Perdo Clisante. At night take a taxi or moto concho. I like to feed the stray cats at the Plams and there is a lady who does laundry good and inexpensive. If you going to do your own cooking it's best get a one bedroom condo. There used to be a guy from the US that had different eating birds in his yard opposite the Plams.


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Dec 10, 2014
We did not stay there, but we did stay at Casa Manana right next door. The Palms was loud at night, not so much after midnight but we are older and didn't like the noise. There was one guy who came home nightly, from work??, and cursed and yelled for hours.....just not a nice way to fall asleep. If your over 40, I'd look elsewhere.


Jul 29, 2013
The Palms can be loud and imo walking on the side streets late at night can be sketchy. It always depends on your budget and your comfort level. Do not get me wrong, I love Sosua and have been coming for 5 years and now own property. However I am security conscious.


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Dec 23, 2008
I have rented a condo for about 6-8 weeks each year at The Palms spread over 3-4 different trips a year. I like it. I have never experienced problems with too much noise, though I admit one bad noisy renter/owner could create a problem for all as the condos face one another over a central courtyard. The international school two doors to the south can get a little noisy at times, but never a prolonged problem and more a happy occasional noise. Personally, I like the one-bedroom units featuring a good size patio overlooking the garden/pool patio. The rental prices are very reasonable and usually include three cleanings per week with change of towels and sheets. The pool is very nice and big enough to allow for laps and exercise. Parking in the back is secured by a gate. The convenience of the colmado next door and the Palo supermarket just down the hill are convenient. The staff is friendly and helpful. The Palms doesn't pretend to be the fanciest place, but does provide cleanliness, good value and nice amenities. If anyone wants to know my rental contact, just pm me.