The Stadiums Will NOT Go To Waste Afterall!


*** Sin Bin ***
Sep 15, 2002
From today's DR1 news:
The Director General for Internal Revenue (DGII) has announced there will be 675 sites at which the public will be able to conveniently pay for the new license plates due in September. These locations will be located in large stores, malls, banks, the Olympic stadium (emphasis added), post offices and other institutions. There are 500,000 cars, 77,000 SUVs, 1.2 million motorcycles, and a million cargo vehicles that need to obtain the document renewals.
See! I told you they'd find a way to make that investment pay off! This isn't going to be a repeat of the Santiago fiasco. No siree, Bob! I can see the signs now, "Welcome to Olympic City! New home of IRS Dominicana!"

They'll need someplace that big to collect all the taxes they need to pay off all the loans they've taken out.


Tom (aka XR)