The vaccines keep coming: New shipment of Pfizer


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Feb 20, 2019

Overall, about 49% of the Dominican population has at least a first dose of Covid-19. The mass vaccination campaign underway in the Dominican Republic places the country in the top 10 countries in the Americas in number of vaccine doses applied. The Pan American Health Organization lists the Dominican Republic 9th in the Americas in total doses of Covid-19 vaccine administered.

The list of top 10 countries in numbers of vaccinated population in the Americas is:United States (pop 331 million)Brazil (pop 213 million)Mexico (pop 126 million)Canada (pop 38 million)Argentina (pop 46 million)Chile (pop 20 million)Peru (pop 33 million)Dominican Republic (pop 11 million)Ecuador (pop 18 million).On Wednesday, 21 July 2021, a batch of 163,200 vials arrived to Las Americas International Airport.

On Friday, 16 July, a batch of 149,760 vials of Pfizer vaccines arrived at Las...

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