third-party/double meter electric meter monitoring


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Jan 8, 2002
We have lived here in the DR about two years. All-in-all, our experience with electric billing problems has probably been "better than average" or in other words "pretty poor." Our meter seems to be read regularly, but I have reason to believe that our 6-700 KWH of supposed monthly usage is perhaps 20-50 percent more than we actually consume. I understand that it is legal to install your own electric meter to double check it. Are there companies here in the capital that do this for residential users that aren't terribly expensive or is there anyone who has pursued that option? Also, we definitely do not want our meter replaced by another meter that runs even faster!


Oct 21, 2002
About two months ago, the fellows arrived in their truck and simply pulled out the old meter and installed a new one. Since that time, no electric bill, despite standing in line and pleading for the bill. Also, pleading to pay something towards the bill when it eventually arrives so that the dreaded disconnect notice does not appear. All to no avail. New meter, no bill? I might be a good thing but I do think this is going to catch up with us.

Is there really no-one on the forum that knows about putting in a second meter? to check the first one?