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Oct 21, 2002
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Jan 1, 2002
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Seems like nothing is happening right now, or is there something I am missing???



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the whole atlantic basin is actually clear.
the only area where something could develop during later next week would be the south and south west caribbean, and actually no way for a NE track of such like Omar did, it would be more rain for central america and the Yucatan peninsula.
for this weekend absolutely nothing in vicinity than pure sunshine, enjoy the beach parties and the BBQ over the weekend.


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howdy Louis,
the official hurricane season starts june 1st and ends november 30th.
but those lil winds anyways carry so often different calendars, ha ha.
let's just hope for a season in which we just can report about some lower winds and little rains, or better, nothing to report on the threads.
today's Sat shot:
it's NOAA's IR channel #3 with the overlayed Water Vapor

Caribbean water vapor with SST's


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this season starts with for the atlantic area rare early movements.
while lake Ockeechopee is with barely over 10ft of water around 3 ft under it's ususl water level it looks like Florida may get during this week/upcoming weekend a good load of water.
there's also a remarkable waterload hanging close to the south of Hispaniola,
it's influence is felt right strong even over here on the dominican east coast during this afternoon and tonight and will continue during tomorrow, at least it doesn't provide too rough sea conditions for the actually top offshore fishing, but the passages out and in over the reef have to be taken very carefully.
the disturbance over the western atlantic up there far north of the Isle is still visible on the radar but went down and is def nothing of any influence for any landmass.
i usually don't start to very close monitor befor mid/end june, but weather is like myself:
unpredictable, lol.
aside of some rain the DR is actually free of anything.
the Gulf of Mexico and the 'on the way' Florida don't need to water the gardens during the 2nd half of this week.
and we are on tournament week this week here on the east coast.
so just stay calm Atlantic.


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like shown on the selfupdating map/sat-shot on post #8 on this thread we have since last night the first named distrubance, named Invest 90L.
pressure not much over 1000mb but under very unfav conditions, it is expected to be absorbed by the waterload which is centered over central Florida,
moving westwards into the Gulf of Mexico.
there's a less than 30% of chance that it will develop into anything over the Gulf waters, but Florida will get much more rain and the louisiana/Texas border region should expect heavy rainfalls later on this week.

here on the Dominican east coast we are today on a very low/near zero SE'ern breeze, a sunny day but chances of rain for later on, most likely late afternoon/night.
no disturbing sytem or such affecting the Dominican coastline,
nothing awaited to brew up at the moment.


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Dec 14, 2008
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