Today's US Exchange Rate

Feb 7, 2007

This thread is only for US dollars to peso updates.

There is another thread for Canadian exchange. Feel free to start one for Euros.

Peso devaluation

January - 0.22 %
February - 0.14 %
March - 0.08 %
April - 0.01 %
May - 0.03 %
June - 0.44 %
July - 0.43 %
August - 0.53 %
September (so far) - 0.91 %
(compared to closing rate last day of previous month)

My question is ... we are seeing accelerated devaluation of peso since June, and it's taken fast track on devaluation this September. Central Bank injected 150 million dollars into exchange market just this week in an attempt to stabilize exchange rate. Back in July the governor of CB said the accumulated depreciation for 2019 was among the "best" in region and only 2% Jan-Aug, down from 3% for the same period last year.

Looks like that after his words the depreciation picked up.

Can our exchange rate experts (playacaribe, etc.) chime in on what's going on in the peso dollar market and what are the expectations for the exchange rate to go to by the end of this year?