torre acropolis: a target?

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Oct 6, 2003
An email message emanating from Santo Domingo this morning:

"Atenci?n con Acropolis!!
Esta ma?ana mientras o?amos el gobierno de la ma?ana antes de impartir clases. Tuve una compa?era que vino un poco nerviosa porque recibio una llamada de su papa diciendole que NO fuera al Acropolis por que habia escuchado rumores de un atentado. > >Al parecer el papa de esta muchacha tiene informacion segura ya que se mueve en asuntos de seguridad. > >No sabemos si es verdad pero, debemos prevenir en vez de lamentar, mientras tanto, envien a sus contactos, ademas de que en Acropolis, ademas de ser el edificio mas alto del pais, se encuentran oficinas importantes a nivel mundial como Gillette, Citybank y Shell, y debemos tomar en cuenta que nuestro pais apoyo la guerra en Irak. > > > >NO DEJEN DE MANDAR A SUS CONTACTOS !!! > > >"

-the name of the person originating the message appears on the email but i've chosen to keep it off the board.-

In essence, it warns about the Acropolis building in SD as a possible target for a terrorist attack. Allegedly someone was told by her DR intelligence sector-related father abou this threat. It mentions that because the DR sent troops to Iraq it has opened itself to retaliation by the islamists. Acropolis is the tallest building in the island and with multinational tenants such as Gillette, SHell and CitiBank it would be a worthy target.

Nothing whatsoever to substantiate the warning but I never heard this kind of rumor before and at the very worst it is a bad joke/urban legend.



Jan 5, 2002
Rumors only

This is nothing more than a rumor chain, just like the ones that come out daily and someone is going thru a lot of trouble to scare people around. If you want to stay away from Acropolis that's your choice. But if Al Qaeda is going to try something in DR they could hit us almost anywhere. Try these places for possible hits: airports like Punta Cana, Las Americas or Santiago, Multicentro(which would have bigger crowds than Acropolis), our Santo Domingo baseball stadium during a game(in winter baseball season), Teatro Nacional during a major show with all the rich and superrich people attending, etc.etc.,.


Grande Pollo en Boca Chica
Jan 9, 2002
An Oxymoron

Dominican intelligence. (or Army intelligence etc., refer George Carlin)

Maybe they meant the Acropolis in Greece? Olympics and all that.
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