Tourism, manufacturing and farm exports do better


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Feb 20, 2019

April closed with positive numbers in farm, manufacturing and tourism sectors in the Dominican Republic. Commerce experienced a decline.

Farm produce

The Ministry of Economy’s Panorama report for April reveals that farm exports from January to April were up 11.7% compared to the first third of the year in 2023.

Farm produce exports were up 59.5% in April, reaching US$111.3 million. Exports through April 2024 were US$290.9 million, up 11.7%. The increase is attributed to the rising export value of tobacco exported to China and Nicaragua and raw cacao exports to the United States as well as new exports of eggs to Cuba and the United States. Loans to the farm production were up 8.6%.


Likewise, free zone exports for the same period were up 11.7%, with local manufacturing exports up 2.7%. Overall, the demand for manufactured products grew 12.9% in April...

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Jan 20, 2003
Today’s Listín Diario has double pages with several info about tourism.

Jan - May 2024: 5,026,990 non-DR residents, an increase of 12% compared to the same period in 2023.

It also includes the top 5 countries that contributed with tourists to the DR (by percentage of all tourists based on residence, not that the live in one country and did a stop over in another country that has direct flights to the DR) during the Jan - May 2024 period.

United States: 46%
Canada: 21%
Colombia: 4%
Argentina: 4%
Puerto Rico: 2%​

Arrivals through airports 10% higher than the same months in 2023 and seaports (cruises) 17%.

Purchases of tourists while in the DR totalled over RD$35.9 billion (the increase percentage has actually been decreasing after 2019.)

Taxes paid by tourists (include taxes paid to hotel rooms, etc) totalled over RD$147 billion.

DR is #1 in the Western Hemisphere in the increase of arrivals.

General Occupation: 78%
Punta Cana/Bavaro: 83%​
La Romana/Bayahibe: 83%​
Puerto Plata: 73%​
Samana/Las Terrenas: 66%​
Sosua/Cabarete: 64%​
Boca Chica/Juan Dolio: 62%​

Occupation by Hotel Type
Luxury Resorts: 83%
Regular Resorts: 83%
City Hotels: 58%​

Big Players (whatever this is, airb&b’s?): 81%​

Tourists satisfaction with vacationing in the DR: 4.4 out of 5 stars.
92% say they will repeat a vacation in the DR.


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