Tourism Minister Collado announces advances on the Santo Domingo Convention Center


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Feb 20, 2019

Minister of Tourism David Collado announces a public-private alliance to build the much-desired Santo Domingo Convention Center and a boulevard for tourists in Santo Domingo. According to Collado, the grounds of the former Hotel Hispaniola (at the corner of Abraham Lincoln and Independencia) in the National District will be the site of the new center. The government had declared eminent domain/public utility on the land back in 2022 via Decree 296-22.

In front of the closed Hispaniola is the legendary Hotel Santo Domingo. There are expectations this closed hotel may also be integrated into the convention center project.

Collado made the announcement on 12 June 2024 during the inauguration of the Santo Domingo Marriot Piantini and the Aloft Santo Domingo Piantini, with President Abinader in attendance.

The government has asked for guidelines and supervision of the new...

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Jan 7, 2016
I wonder how much the owner received for it.