Tourist killed in POP........


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Jun 11, 2006
All Over

The news articles are all over the place with the Italian's age it seems. Stories from the police or politicians are about as bad as the reporters who use them as sources. Not much credible info from any of them.


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Mar 4, 2004
And the tendency to call all foreigners 'tourists' is misleading to put it mildly. Now reports go winging around the world that a tourist got hit. For those who know the area it isn't exactly a tourist hangout (it's down near the port). And the 'possessions' described are more likely to appertain to a resident living a basic lifestyle than a tourist. word on the most obvious clue; the clothing would surely have told whether he was a tourist or resident.

Nevertheless, very sad for the relatives. If there are any reading this they should contact the Italian Consulate in Puerto Plata for information.


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Dec 11, 2003
nothing to do with this killing but....

I was in the bank here in the capital .. it is just a corner bank in the drug store and there is a tourist, now I mean a "tourist" dressed in shorts, scooped t-shirt- flip flops, pulling his US passport in and out of his shorts pocket coming in and out of the line of the bank and over to the serivice counter where I am waiting... "can I help you? " I ask--- " D0 I have to stand in line to get money from my credit card?" "You can use the ATM"

"No I used an ATM up North and the machine held it and so I want to have the teller do it. And I want $1,000 dollars.". (Nice and loud, he said that !)

So I translate for him to the lady at the service desk, and indeed he has to stand in line.

So then I ask if he has anyone with him. No. And then I see him taking his passport in and out of his short?s pocket. And finally I say to him

?Look. A 500 peso note is big money here. A US passport will bring someone $10,000 (I have heard it is much less but don?t want to believe it!) So please at least go buy a wallet! do you have a safe in your room? Yes.... he said

He was very sweet. He kept thanking me. But really, Really. He could not have stood out more if he had a sign painted on him. I had to explain to him. That we had these shipments arriving here every week, with these recent graduates from Attica.... experts,,,, really.... and that he should really pay a little more attention to where he was.......