Town steals airport electricity


Apr 8, 2011
Found this in dr1 news

According to the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (EdeNorte), there is an illegal connection with the CANA 106 24-hour circuit that belongs to the Cibao International Airport. EdeNorte says that there are two lines for the CANA 103 circuit that supplies electricity to La Ortega municipality in Espaillat (Moca) province and they have been connected to the airport system. However, the airport system is exclusive due to the importance of security there and to ensure that the navigation systems work 24 hours a day.

EdeNorte will now disconnect the residents of Ortega from CANA 106 and put them back on the system they should be on, which is not a 24-hour circuit as the area does not comply with the technical requirements.

This is not the first time this has happened. When EdeNorte engineers disconnected Ortega, local residents reacted by burning tires and blocking the roads.


Jul 10, 2004
How can you steal something and then complain when it's taken away from you?
And that is a central issue as to why there is not 24/7 power available to everyone on this island. Steal something long enough and you feel entitled to it.