Toxic Pesticides


On Permanent Vacation!
Apr 15, 2004
"The Dominican government continues to allow the import of these toxic chemicals despite the evidence of their effects on humans and the environment. With no regulatory agency in place to monitor pesticide import and use, these toxic chemicals will continue to make their way into study region. Agrochemical corporations are cultivating relationships with the Secretaria de Estado de Agricultura (Ministry of Agriculture), to secure future sales of their products. Agrochemical companies have even embarked in aggressive campaigning to promote their products. They hold courses and seminars in some of the country?s agricultural schools, including a series of talks on the uses of chemicals in agriculture."



Dec 15, 2004
concerns about pesticides

I'm not surprised. My first concern about the use of pesticides is are they being applied correctly? I think in many cases they are not correctly diluted or mixed.

I have heard so many people say there were no insects at the AI they stayed at. I usually ask if there were any birds, and often the reply is no. Yes, pesticides will kill the birds too, as well as the beneficial insects. What effect does this then have on people? The people using the product? I know they don't use any safety equipment when using it. I work with people that used to spray pesticides as part of the their job 20-30 years ago. They are now suffering health problems & can't help but think there could be a correlation.

Unfortunately, I think most of the pesticide use is for the tourists who don't want to see any insects.