Transcore Latam takes its case to the TSA


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Feb 20, 2019

Transcore Latam is asking the Superior Administrative Court (TSA) to stop the cancellation of its RD$1.31 billion contract with the National Transport and Transit Institute (Intrant). The contract was canceled after the Procurement Agency verified major irregularities in the contracting.

Among the irregularities motivating the cancelation is that the company presented documentation whereby two major US companies Transcore LP and Econolite would be backing the Transcore Latam effort to modernize traffic lights system in Greater Santo Domingo. These two companies presented legal recourses to disassociate themselves from Transcore Latam.

The Procurement Agency passed the findings of irregularities to the Attorney General Office.

The director of the Intrant, Hugo Beras, has taken a leave of absence to allow for the investigations.

The TSA court hearing will be at 2pm on...

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