Transit Strike protesting fuel prices tomorrow Oct 29, Monday


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Jul 10, 2004
SANTIAGO.- The regional secretary of the National Confederation of Transport Organizations (Conatra), Santiago Rodríguez, announced yesterday that he supports the Coordinator of Popular and Social Organizations of the Cibao that maintains a call for a peaceful strike tomorrow, Monday for 24 hours, at the 14 provinces of the region.

Rodriguez said that among the transportation routes that will be paralyzed are 315 unions at the level of the Cibao region and cited among them Santiago-Puerto Plata, Navarrete, Mao, Nagua, Samaná, Moca, Licey al Medio, Santiago Rodríguez among others.

Rodriguez, during a press conference at the premises of Conatra, in the El Ejido sector, said that they will paralyze their units in support of the protest that has been ordered in order to fulfill a list of social demands, among them the modification to the hydrocarbons law.

"We are not calling to burn, nor to break, nor to hinder," said Santiago Rodríguez.

Also, the general secretary of Conatra, said that in the city of Santiago paralyzed the routes ZP, CJ 27, Don Pedro among others. They anticipated that in the next few days they will be calling their partners in the Southern and Eastern regions to also carry out stoppages in protest of the modification of the hydrocarbons law.