Travel Agents in Santo Domingo


New member
Aug 31, 2005
Does anyone know a reliable Travel Agent in Santo Domingo. By reliable, I mean that if you ask them something like "I need a flight today", they'll actually start looking at their computer or making phone calls on that same day, ideally before the last plane has taken off :angry:

It would also be nice if they could remember my name by the third time I call them in 2 hours :tired:, especially if I've already used them for at least two other previous journeys.

And it would be nice if I could tell them what I want once (like a return flight to London Heathrow via Miami) :confused: and not each time I call them to find out why they haven't done anything yet:mad:

Suggestions of reliable agents that you've actually used (better still if you still use them) would be welcome. Ideally, company name or contact name plus phone number (email's always useful but as Dominican's often ignore email, a phone number's critical)! I don't care if they only speak Spanish, I trust my speaking Spanish to them more than I trust their ability to understand English:nervous: