Travel out of DR


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Jun 23, 2020
Today i left Santo Dominigo with a international flight out, not many people in airport, i was the only one at immigration, had to pay my late stay tax 4000pesos, for 6 months, i told them that i could not leave , due to corona earlier, but the said, 3 to 9 months is 4000 tax, so be it.
on airport no temp check, some people with mask only on mouth, but overall better then normal, because no people.


Jan 4, 2018
We left Santo Domingo Thurs. They checked temperatures as we entered the airport. Flew American Airlines. Not many people in line. We got there well over 2 1/2 hours early & thank god for that. The people working the counter were slow, like they had never done the job before. Same with security. They went thru our carry ons, for who knows what reason. looked at our laptops like they'd never seen one before, then sent us over to have the dog sniff our stuff. We didn't have anything weird in our stuff. We got to our gate about 20 minutes before boarding. It was really crazy. If there had been more people there, we never would have made our flight.
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