Travel question regarding public Bus Transportation.


Dec 27, 2010
If I have an Amiga taking the Bus from Santiago to Fruisa I have a few questions.
1. Approximately how long is the trip.
2. What would be the approximate cost of the trip. and is it possible for me to pay the Bus ahead of time.
3. Does anyone know if they get dropped off at the Texaco station or the Bus station next to the Politur, Fruisa.

Thanks guys..


Moderator - East Coast & Headline News
Dec 9, 2002
Unless there's a new direct bus service from Santiago to B?varo, it's more likely she'll be taking Caribe Tours or Metro from Santiago to Santo Domingo, then the Expreso B?varo from SD to B?varo. EB drops off passengers at several stops along the way between Ver?n and Friusa, ending at the bus station next to Politur.

The cost for a one-way trip will be about RD$800-1,000 (more if you add the cost of transport between the Caribe Tours/Metro station and the Expreso B?varo stop in SD). It's not possible to pay in advance on Expreso B?varo, or for CT or Metro.

Length of trip - a couple of hours from Santiago to SD, however long it takes to make the connection in SD - she has to arrive in time for the last EB - then 3 hours to Friusa.


Apr 11, 2004
If you want to save time and are picking the person up tell her to get off at the San Juan Mall and meet her right in front of the Mall at the Hwy. It could take at least a half hour or more to get to the bus station otherwise. The driver will stop if she asks.
Feb 7, 2007
It's about 250-300 for Santiago to SD, about 250 pesos from CT to Expreso Bavaro (if you call a radio taxi it will be about 200), plus about 350 from SD to bavaro. Plus about 200 for a picapollo and refrsco. Total, the mentioned RD$1000.