Travelled back to the DR.


Campesino !! :)
Jan 12, 2013
Arrived back in the DR on the 24th.

A couple of observations:

- I was on a weekly flight from Switzerland.
Swiss inside Switzerland, edelweiss to the DR.
Swiss told me the edelweiss flight was only 40% full......... The other 60% continued on to Cancun, apparently.

- Along side the usual custom form, entry form ( for non residents/citizens ), you now also have to fill out a medical form ( covid symptoms + countries visited in the last 30 days ) and a self-isolation form---- basically promising to keep to yourself for the next 14 days, and warning you of a follow up ( sending people to your house to check ) and that non-compliance will land you in a state run facility.
As you go through migracion that is the ONLY form th ey actually check : they checked that the address I put down was the same as the one on my residency file. A small step for mankind, but a huge leap forward for the DR, that they actually something.

- Everybody queues up at migracion, mandatory for tourists, but if you are a resident/citizen, go to the far right and breeze through passport control. Hard to believe I was the only resident/citizen on the whole flight, so seems it is not well known ( and not sign posted at all ).

- According to 1 official I could have driven straight back home, as a plane ticket allows you to ignore curfew, according to 2 other officials it didn't......
I gave up and left them arguing among themselves.

- Bavaro and veron were ghost towns at 19.30 on Saturday....... And also at 0800 on Sunday morning.

- The further north you go, the crazier the drivers.

- As always, shocked by the weight of dominicans...... Seems there is no lack of food during these troubled covid times.......

- 0 traffic from punta cana to SPM..... It picked up from SD onwards.
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