Travelling to SD


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Jan 1, 2002
I will be in SD from Feb 23 to Mar 9, I have been to DR many times before, however never during Carnival. I have also read on the board that La Vega and Santiago are the places to be at this time. My questions are:
How far is Santiago or La Vega from SD and how far are these 2 places from each other?

Also I would like to make my way to Samana as I was doing a little researching and it looks beautiful. Since I'm there during whale-watching season, I really would like to see this place. I read that it is about 4 hrs away from SD. Is the best way to get there by bus? Or rent a car? (I heard it's a good idea to rent a jeep when in Samana-any suggestions?) And any recommendations on nice, affordable places to stay for a few days. During my seraches I came across bed and breakfast however no prices were listed.

Thanks for all your help.


May 3, 2000
La Vega is but an hour's drive from Santo Domingo and a half an hour from Santiago, so you can make it a day trip. Lots of affordable hotels in Samana. The all-inclusive's like Portillo are also cheap. Samana is posting low occupancy because it depended a lot on the German market which is down because of the recession in Germany. We recommend you visit Samana with a vehicle such as a pick up or a jeep, especially if you will travel to Las Terrenas on the north side. For car rentals, we recommend our sponsor, National Car Rental at
The road strip that gives Las Terrenas its charm is a sand road with ups and downs, difficult to navigate with a car.

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