Truckers will test traveling on the Santo Domingo bypass


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Feb 20, 2019

Freight trucks (categories 3, 4 and 5) will be able to travel free on the Santo Domingo Beltway (Circunvalación Santo Domingo). The measure is expected to provide relief to traffic jams in Greater Santo Domingo as the heavy trucks are detoured to the north of the too congested capital city.

The vehicles with 3 and 4 axles will be exempted from RD$300.00, those with 5 and 6 axles will be relieved of paying RD$400.00, and vehicles with 7 axles or more will not pay RD$600.00 at each of the toll stations along the length of the road.

The toll-free waiver will be for 15 days, starting on Sunday, 24 October and ending on Sunday, 7 November 2021.

The waiver was reached following an agreement between the Ministry of Public Works and the Trust for the Operation, Maintenance and Expansion of the Main Road Network of the Dominican Republic (RD VIAL).

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Jun 25, 2019
It will be very interesting to see what effect this has on traffic in Santo Domingo. I think it is accompanied by a ban on trucks in the city but I have said for years that trucks should be able to use the beltway for free (and ideally have to pay high tolls to enter the city). I'm not sure two weeks is long enough but let's see.