TSA rules against eco-hotel in Cotubanamá Park


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Feb 20, 2019

The Superior Administrative Court (TSA), the court that reviews the correct application of government regulations, called for the suspension of Environmental Permit 3771-19 that had been issued by the Ministry of Environment under Minister Ángel Estévez. The permit allowed for the construction of a lodging project in the Guaraguao-Punta Catuano recreational area in Cotubanamá National Park in La Altagracia province. Environmental groups rejected the authorization. The measure calls for the stopping of construction of the ecological hotel undertaken by the Spanish group Globalia.

Sentence 0030-01-2020, of the TSA, comes months later, after the Executive Branch had suspended the construction work of the complex, “until an integral study of all the legal and regulatory norms is carried out, as well as the international commitments in environmental matters applicable to this...
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