U.S Social Security And Representative Payee In The DR


Jun 3, 2004
I contacted the SSA office in the US embassy in Santo Domingo on a Monday via e-mail and received a phone call the following Friday. After addressing all my concerns listed in the e-mail, I was given an appointment for the following Tuesday, if I could have all the documentation necessary: my and my dad's passports and cedula numbers and an SSA-787 form filled out by a physician or medical officer stating his degree of physical and mental capacity. I also provided a psychologist's evaluation report to support the doctor's summary of the exam. Except for the long wait to get interviewed, I was finished in twenty minutes with a re-printed application(SSA-1199-Dominican Republic) to open a dollar bank account at a Banco Popular to deposit his pension in. My dad was called and given an appointment for an interview on the Thursday following my Tuesday appointment(yesterday) and as I suspected it didn't go very well: he was taken in a wheel chair, his wife using a walker and her alcoholic brother pushing him along. They were told on the spot that I was managing my dad's finances starting on the next due date. What's happened since yesterday belongs in another section of DR1
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