Ukraine gets billions; Haiti is just a hot potato


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Feb 20, 2019

With announcements of concern by the United Nations, the OAS and the United States government have not yet translated into action. Diario Libre editor Benjamin Morales describes Haiti as “a hot potato.”

Meanwhile, in the Dominican Republic, the country most affected by the chaos in the west side of Hispaniola island, the government is taking action as droves of migrants continue to enter, seeking what their country does not provide, public services, work and stability. The Abinader administration announced actions to equip the Armed Forces to defend the main gateways and crucial points of the border.

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Joseph NY2STI

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Mar 22, 2020
The article does not mention Ukraine. Biased headline.
I can't speak for Dolores, but perhaps the implication is that if we just pretended that Haitian gangs were Russians we could clean that place up in a week. Would innocent people die? Of course they would, but who cares? It's for "the greater good".