UN advisory service costs more than laptops and notebooks


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Feb 20, 2019
Distance learning classes for Third Grade Elementary School / Youtube / MINERD

The logistic and technical support the United Nations is providing to the Ministry of Education costs RD$13 billion (US$233.9 million), Diario Libre reports. The government has invested around RD$10.32 billion to purchase 752,000 laptops, tablets, notebooks for public school students and teachers. The newspaper reports that from October to December 2020, the Abinader administration paid RD$13.29 billion for the advisory services.

President Luis Abinader praised the Ministry of Education distance learning programs, during the televised explanatory talk on Monday, 18 January 2021 evening. He said other governments have expressed interest in replicating these. He said the distance learning programs close the gap between rich and poor in computer learning and computer skills.

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Jun 28, 2003
How is that working out?
From one person's opinion (mine) never ever saw one of those tablets or computers in Los Conucos, which is a small village very near Juan Dolio. I have spoken to a dozen people and they have heard about them in the news and in their dreams.


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Sep 27, 2017
johne, the people in Los Conucos know exactly what is going on there. It has been generational. To use an old, modern saying, "DO NOT SLEEP ON THEM."
I warned you a while back.
There has been an allotment of devices dedicated to that community. The community knows where they are.
While many persons within small communties here indeed do suffer, many small communities within have been the same for a very long time, con razón.
There are just some battles that can not be won by those with big hearts.