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Jul 22, 2003
Has the government of Santo Domingo completely erased my uncle's presence there? He founded the magazine Ahora!, was a published author of poetry, a psychologist, and teacher. I can find no information about him except on the writers of the Dominican Republic. That is just a small blurb. His name was Luis Alfredo Torres, born 1933, died 1992, although the govt. told my grandmother he died in 1993, they wouldn't tell her how he died or where he is buried. Can anyone help? Thank you. Lisa:(


Jan 2, 2002
I feel for you but it doesn't look like anyone has any info on your uncle or they would have posted or written to you by now. You may have to hire a private detective or as some have suggested a lawyer ot law student.

Good luck

Keith R

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Jan 1, 2002
Luis Alfredo Torres

Naci? en Barahona el 18 de octubre de 1935 y muri? en Santo Domingo el 1 de mayo de 1992.

Estudi? en escuelas y universidades de Estados Unidos. Se especializ? en psicolog?a, periodismo y arte. All? tambi?n se intensifica su vena po?tica.

Fue columnista y redactor de los diarios El Caribe y La Naci?n y trabaj? tambi?n para el semanario biling?e californiano El Despertar Americano. Fue miembro de la Sociedad de Escritores Dominicanos, del Ateneo Dominicano y del Grupo del 48. Realiz? una extensa labor de difusi?n cultural a trav?s de la revista Ahora y fue uno de los fundadores y la revista de arte y literatura Testimonio. Es autor de "Canto a Proserpina", uno de los poemas fundamentales de la l?rica dominicana con-tempor?nea.

Linterna sorda (1959), 31 racimos de sangre (1962), Los d?as irreverentes (1966), Alta realidad (1970), Canto a Proserpina (1972), Los bellos rostros (1973), La ciudad cerrada (1974), Sesiones espirituales (1975), El amor que iba y que ven?a (1976) El enfermo lejano (1977) Oscuro litoral (1980), Antolog?a po?tica (1985).

Lisa F-C,
This is probably as much as you're going to find by internet, but it should give you some clues. You know the official date and city of his death, so have someone dig up his death certificate in the registry in Santo Domingo.

Have you contacted anyone at Ahora yet? www.ahora.com.do revistaahora@internet.net.do
Seems to me if he had such an intimate tie to them, someone there would have some info -- if not on-file, then personal anecdotes.

Similarily, what about El Caribe, with which he was also connected? It is a newspaper, after all, with archives that go back to 1992. www.elcaribe.com.do
Calle Doctor Defill? 4. Los Prados. Apartado postal 416. Tel?fono: 683-8100, Fax 544-4003. E-mail: editora@elcaribe.com.do

I think those people can be far more help than anyone on this board. If Hillbilly didn't know your uncle, then I doubt anyone else on DR1 does.

Hope this helps.



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Jul 22, 2003
thanks for all the help. I will go to the sites you have suggested and see what I find. My father will probably agree to hire a private detective. Thanks again!!! Lisa;)