Unibe opens molecular biology laboratory and pandemic observatory


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Feb 20, 2019

Abraham Hazoury, chief executive officer at the Iberoamerican University (Unibe), announced the start of operations of the Molecular Biology Laboratory and the National Observatory of Emerging Pandemics and Pathogens.

The new facilities are under the Deanship of Research and Innovation and of the Institute of Tropical Medicine and Global Health (IMTSAG) at the capital city university.

Hazoury said the new facilities are inaugurated after an agreement was reached with the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (MEPyD) and the National Health Service (SNS). The initiative has the backing of Seeding Labs.

Hazoury said the new center is a qualitative jump in scientific research in the country. He explained the lab allows for automating the processes of isolation and molecular analysis, placing the institute at the vanguard of studies of emergent...
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