Ups problems


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Jul 24, 2012
We just recently moved to DR and filed for residency..well we had 2 boxes shipped from England over to DR,.all was going well,.on time,until it hit Santo Domingo,it has now been 12 days and no one at UPS seem to want to help at all.All that is inside is our used clothes,personal items,nothing or great monetary value,each box weighs about 30Kg...i declared both boxes in total $200 for the 2 boxes...each box has its own tracking number and was paid for separately ..for some unknown reason UPS took it upon themselves to tell customs it was $200 each box and now apparently im waiting on duties to be calculated...that was 12 days ago.UPS wont do anything even though it was there mistake..for the past week i have been told..oh i will call you back in 2 min with duties..then that was extended to 30 min...then by 6pm apparently customs told them..this all was a week i call they dont want to sort it out but just tell me its the government and UPS wont respond to my email either.Only suggestion I did get from them was to go to SDQ and explain to customs myself...which would be difficult, as i speak no spanish plus the cost of taxi there and back when ive already paid a small fortune to get it here and paid extra with boca chica(where we live) fuel surcharge....So if anyone as any suggestions how we can get our boxes released would be a great help