US Ambassador Bernstein bullish on DR-US relations


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Feb 20, 2019

US Ambassador Robin Bernstein reiterated the US government’s support to the new government’s efforts to fight corruption, protect strategic assets, transparency, and promote foreign investment. She spoke during the traditional Thanksgiving Day address that this year was held online. The theme of her talk was “Stronger Together.”

“As I have said before, the United States is ready to work with companies interested in investing in the Dominican Republic and we are pleased to collaborate and work together to address today’s challenges,” she said.

Before Bernstein spoke, Ramón Ortega, president of AmChamDR, highlighted the public-private alliance of AmChamDR with the Dominican government to facilitate trade and position the country as a nearshore destination and logistic hub, digital transformation and improvements in processes and procedures with the government...

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Jan 20, 2003
She is literally a neighbor of Trump in Palm Beach, FL.
Jan 9, 2004
If history is any guide, the next ambassador to the DR will not be chosen right away or even soon after inauguration. July seems to be the month for the DR.

That post is generally awarded after the important and foreign service qualified ambassador appontnments have been announced, then they start to fill the "thank you very much" for your fundraising efforts positions of which the Dominican Republic is one.

The likely candidate can be researched by looking at the donor list.

Fund raising ability, not qualifications, is usually the most important criteria for the post in the DR.

Tom Perez will probably be on that shortlist.

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