US denies entry to Fidel Santana


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Feb 20, 2019

Frente Amplio deputy Fidel Santana told the media that he could not fly to the United States after he was informed by the airline that the United States migration objected his entry. Santana says he is not aware of the reasons why his entry has been declined. Santana said he was traveling to the United States for a conference. Santana says he was told to visit the US Consulate to learn more about why he has been denied entry.

Santana has been considered for the position of ombudsman in the Dominican Republic. The ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) majority in the Chamber of Deputies included him in the shortlist of three sent to the Senate for the position of ombudsman. The Senate put the shortlist on hold alleging irregularities in the pre-selection made by the Chamber of Deputies.

The rules for ombudsman impede a practicing politician from holding the position. To aspire to the...

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