US/Dominican Dual Citizen who wants to study in DR


May 14, 2014
Hi guys.

I have a simple question, or at least I hope so lol. So if any of you guys have seen my posts around the past years, I have obtained my Dominican citizenship. As of now I plan to apply to Unibe for their dual degree program in Business Administration. (all in english) and basically I would like to know how I can apply to them as a Dominican Citizen with my US credentials. There are two requirements of concern for me. They ask for pruebas nacionales which obviously I cannot provide and for a toefl score. I don't mind taking that to prove I speak native English. I would just like to know how I go about the process. I have a cousin in SD investigating for me, just wondered if any of you could provide and help with this.
(I've tried emailing them and calling with no success)