US envoy to Haiti resigns; blasts US handling of Haiti issues


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Feb 20, 2019

More than 12,000 Haitian immigrants in South America have made their way to the United States via Mexico. For decades, the Dominican Republic has dealt with mass migration from Haiti. Now the mass crossings in Texas are evidence that the out-of-control situation in Haiti is already affecting regional stability. Last week in New York, the point was raised when President Luis Abinader spoke at the 76th UN General Assembly. He stressed Haiti’s main problem today is “security.” Kidnappings are known to be the major industry in Haiti.

In the letter of resignation, special envoy of the United States to Haiti Daniel Foote said he was immediately leaving the post because of the newly started “inhumane” deportation of Haitians back to Haiti. In the text of the letter, Foote also slammed the way the United States had been handling the crisis in Haiti over the years.

“Our policy approach to...

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Nov 9, 2006
The couple of deportation flights back to Haiti were just a rope-a-dope by the obama cartel. Most of the Haitians that made it to Del Rio were released into the United States. So he is either a complete idiot not knowing what is actually happening, or he wanted out for other reasons.

JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
I hope the door does hit him in the arse on his way out. Imbecile.
I don't understand why he even accepted the job in the first place. I'm pretty sure that's the last time he'll be appointed to anything.