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Apr 18, 2002
US K1 Fiance Visa Information

I can't reply in detail to everyone's questions so I will use the legal documents my lawyer has provided me. The lawyer's fee is 975US, 110US filing fee, and then I have to pay all application fees. In the long run I will spend 1500-2000US. There are 2 ways to bring a fiance to the US and this can include minor children as well. Get married in the DR, the drawback of this approach is that the current time frame for approving petitions for permanent residency of spouses and children are running well over 12 months in duration. In addition to that, you would have further delay in the consular processing process once your petition has been approved. The best choice is to use a K1 visa to bring in your fiance and a K2 provision to bring in the minor child. Once the petition for the fiance and fiance child were approved by the INS here in the US, then the smiliar process of final issuance of the K1/K2 visas at the US Consulate in the DOminican Republic would be pursued. The processing time for the K1/K2 visas here in the US are currently running about 4 1/2 months. This is a much faster and less complicated avenue to pursue. The following paperwork needs to be prepared to seek classification as a fiance and child of a US citizen. Petition for Alien fiance. Supporting documentation to establish US citizenship of petitioner and relationship between petitioner and beneficiary(sponsor and alien). G-325 A Biographic Statement. Color photographs of all parties. Duplicates of 3, passport photo requirements in color. These photos will need to comply with the requirements and specifications of the INS. Your birth certificate, your fiance's birth certificate, the child's birth certificate, if either of you were previously married, certified copies of the divorce decree, death certificate, or other documentation evidencing the termination of all prior marriages of both parties, and a copy of your passport if you have one. As noted above the petition must be accompanied by color photographs of each of you. Must provide evidence you will marry in 90 days of entrance into the US. Also have met in person within two years of filing petition, INS may waive requirement under extenuating circumstances. For the K1 fiance visa and/or K2 minor child visa addition, I-129f form has to be filled out and filed with INS not at consulate. Must be filed where petitioner is residing. Petition is valid for 4 months. Can be revalidated for 4 month periods. Petition automatically terminated where petitioner dies or withdraws petition. 2 Form G-325A biographic data sheets must be filled out(one by you and one by fiance) Oh, this is probably not to relevant but you have to make more than 125percent over the poverty line. For my fiance, my child, and myself, I think it was over 22,000 and if not enough money is made, someone else can cosponsor as well. I know I skipped around a little but there is a ton of information and had a hard time to organizing everything. This information is directly from my attorney, William H Heritage Jr. from the Wheeler Upham, P.C. firm based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Hope this helps some people out.
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Mar 9, 2003
Your cramps are well appreciated. I know the Cdn and US governments differ on a lot of issues right now, however, it appears that the amount of paperwork required is definately equal. Thank you for going into such detail and also why it was beneficial to go the fiance route. All the best to you and your new "family". I'll keep my fingers crossed for the 4.5 months in your case.