US Southern Command assists with disaster mitigation exercises


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Feb 20, 2019

Most of the country is under the effects of a passing trough bringing rains and flooding to large areas of the nation. Adding to this is the series of lesser earthquakes affecting the country, the memory of the November flood in Santo Domingo, and the annual hurricane season starting in June. The Center of Emergency Operations (COE) now announces ongoing practice exercises to mitigate critical situations in collaboration with the United States.

The Emergency Operations Center (COE), together with the Ministry of Defense and the United States Southern Command, began this Monday, 22 May 2023 the CETAM-Guardian 2023 exercise to practice and update the contingency plans in the case of hydrological or seismic disasters with a focus on humanitarian assistance.

The Ministry of Defense practices are carried out in conjunction with the United States Southern Command and Army and the...

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