USA issued ATM highst DR Limits


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May 25, 2011
Radical, you seem to think by asking someone if they live on SS, it is an insult. Which it is not, by any means. So, I strongly suggest you stop...and yes, you are free to take off at will. Now we can move on...
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Aug 1, 2016
I'm inherently lazy, too, but the banks have plenty of money and I'm not going to give them any more of mine than I absolutely have to.
Don't worry, the banks haven't gotten too much from me over the years. The problem in this case for me is that there isn't a single ATM in Sosua that I trust. Others suggest that getting your card cloned is no big deal, however I assume that your mileage may vary when it comes to that.

I could go to the Scotiabank ATM in Cabarete without any fees, but it is not worth the expense and risk of life in a public taxi to maybe save a few bucks.


Jun 16, 2014
I was thinking the exact same thing. This could be even better than wiring my money down here. The only downside I can see is any wait time you might have in the bank. No BSC bank account information was requested. I'm surprised there was no transaction fee(?). If one is posted to my account next week, I'll update the info.
Foreign cash transaction fees of about 2.5% are now showing up for purchases I made with my US debit card at the supermarkets here. No foreign cash transaction fees so far for cash withdrawals made inside the bank with the teller. In all cases, I'm getting an exchange rate of about 56.80.