Used Restaurant Equipment


New member
Jun 7, 2003
Once again looking for help with another new project..

If anyone has any used commercial kitchen equipment(ie; stoves, fryers, tables ,sinks, slicer etc..) or other Restaurant items (ie; tables, chairs, flatware,cookware, servers etc..) in Santo Domingo or nearbye, I would be very interested in seeing them.

Also, if anyone knows of a Restaurant that is closing I would appreciate if they could pass the info on in a PM.

I am starting from scratch again so i need everything from "soup to nuts". So if you have six stainless steel napkin napkin holders that are always getting in the way or an old giant stainless steel pot that is housing your spider plant feel free to pm me and i'll make arrangements to check it out.

I am also in need of a larger BBQ (PROPANE GAS)..the type that is made from those 55 gallon drums, or something similar, but large...If someone knows of one used for sale in Santo Domingo or knows someone who makes them and has one for sale I would appreciate a PM with the information and would certainly invite them to join in when we "prove" the grill and a few cold ones..