Value of structure in Zona Colonial


Jun 3, 2004
My dad owns a house on Calle Espaillatt a few blocks from Calle El Conde. He is well up on years and I have to start thinking about what will become of the house once he moves on to the Boca Chica in the sky, if that's the direction he's going. He is married and his wife has no children and I have a sister who has lived in the US most of her life and hasn't returned to the DR since 1963. She'd have no interest in the property other than to keep it in the family if I handle all the particulars. My question is:is there a reputable(?)agent anyone here can recommend who upon looking at the property in question, could give me a ballpark figure as to the value of said structure. I know from firsthand observation how much work it would need internally to bring it up to my standards. I know his wife gets half. We would let her live there until...or buy her out. I know how these types of questions bring out some of the loonies who have nothing of substance to contribute, but like to see their opinions on the screen(I am guilty of that as well). I'll be willing to engage in a tit-for-tat on another topic; save it for then. Thank you all in advance for your consideration and your time.