Venezuelan woman suspect of death of son of anti-corruption activist


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Feb 20, 2019

A 27-year old Venezuelan, Skarle Valentina Mujica Zapata is the main suspect in the death of 33-year old Julio Cesar de la Rosa Peralta. Preliminary reports is that it was a hit and run accident. She was arrested on Tuesday and is kept at the Fiscalía Especial de Tránsito del Distrito Nacional de la Digesett as she awaits charges.

De la Rosa Peralta was the son of Julio Cesar de la Rosa Tiburcio, of the Dominican Anti-Corruption Alliance (Adocco). De la Rosa Tiburcio reported his son missing on the next morning. The family had been together in San Cristobal on Saturday but then lost contact with the deceased to learn latter he had died.

A surveillance camera review led the Police to the vehicle that was driven by the Venezuelan woman. The Police officers followed the trace of the vehicle after the incident to a parking area next door to where the suspect...

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