Villa Navidad this year at the Olympic Center and in Santiago


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Feb 20, 2019

President Luis Abinader announced the staging of the Villa Navidad, the Christmas extravaganza that includes a fully-lit Christmas scenario and live artistic presentations. The event will take place from 6 to 10pm nightly in Christmas and through Three Kings Day, 6 January 2024.

Speaking during the weekly Monday press conference, the President said the Villa Navidad will begin on 1 December in Santo Domingo at the grounds of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center. In Santiago, it will be staged in the grounds adjacent to the Teatro Cibao and the Monumento.

The Villa Navidad program is part of the governmental Christmas package, Vuelve la Brisita, announced by the Presidency. Other programs are the RD$1,500 Christmas bonus for Banco de Reservas card holders with income below minimum wage, the low food cost programs under Inespre, and other food programs.

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Sep 14, 2007
I went to the one on Santo Domingo last year. It was really nice and great to see so many families out together enjoying the Christmas spirit and the tree in Plaza de Espana was awesome. Shame we don't have anything of that magnitude on the north coast. The display that they put on in the center square is really nice but they could also do something similar to Villa Navidad on the malecon close to the fort and amphitheater as there are so many trees that could be decorated. On another note, if you go to any of the malls in Santo Domingo over Christmas their decorations are super impressive and rival any in the malls in Europe and North America.


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Apr 1, 2014
The displays/ events they've been putting on here in Santiago for families seem to be getting better every year since I moved to the city, minus Covid.
Looking forward to it.
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