Vimenpac / Transexpress: Fuel surcharge and reception notices

J D Sauser

Nov 20, 2004
Since I have given positive ratings to Vimenpac's TransExpress services in past threads about these companies, I think I need to share the following with whom ever, based on that may have opted for their services.

First, we are still getting our mail and packages thru them in a impecable and save and quick manner. So, there is nothing to be alarmed (or even paranoid :bunny:) about yet.

However, I currently have two issues with the company:

  1. Until the last month of November, I, and I would like to think, ALL their customers, would get automated e-mail messages as soon as mail would made it into their offices in Santo Domingo. Usually on the same day or the next business day thereafter, a phone call would follow to inform me that the package had been sent on it's way to Puerto Plata (delivery point in my case) and could be picked up after 16:00 the same day. This discipline of followups is one of the reasons I used them and recommended them. Sadly, I have to report that sometimes last month both the e-mails and phone calls stopped without notice or explanation. Shippments can still be tracked on the Miami based TransExpress homepage, however with less exactitude and on ones own initiative only.
  2. During the crude pricing peak season this past summer, I, and I would again like to believe all other users, got an e-mail message from Vimenpac in Santo Domingo informing that a RD$ 25.oo and RD$50.oo FUEL surcharge would be added to each and all individual shippments of up to 2Lbs, or those above respectively. While I did not like it, I understood the situatuation and did not oppose. HOWEVER, now that curde oil has fallen not only below this summer's peaks but prices seen over four years ago and that (surprisingly engough) the prices at the pumps here in the DR and Internationally have followed that tendency in a quite spectacular manner, I believe that the continued billing of this surcharges is not only unwarranted but constitutes something close to a scam.
I have last week called the Vimenpac offices in Santo Domingo and been given the usual runaround until being tranferred on and on to find my self talk to the phone clerk I was talking to from the beginning on. Finally, I was given a name and e-mail address I should write my concerns to:

Este es el correo electronico del Sr. Daniel Malena para expresar su inconformidad sobre el cargo del combustible.

Esperando sea resuelto su caso.

Le saluda,

[FONT=times new roman,times,serif] Eunice Ventura Encargado [/FONT]​
[FONT=times new roman,times,serif] Sucursales y Agencias [/FONT]​
Vimenpq-Transexpress Grupo Vimenca-Western Union Rep.Dom.
Oficina: 809-532 7388
Cellular: 829-222 2413

I have just writen Mr. Daniel MALENA (even though the e-mail address given rather seems to be that of the person who sent it to me "e. ventura") in similar terms as my post above, just in Spanish.

I have also painfully googeled some e-mail addresses of TransExpress in Miami, but both and which I found on some of TransExpress' hidden pages returned my mail as undeliverable.

If other TransExpress / Vimenpac users face the same problem, I invite you to write to the address above or PM me to see if we can join efforts to get things right.

If somebody also could share LIFE e-mail addresses of TransExpress in Miami, I would appreciate a PM.

Thanks! ... J-D.
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