Apr 1, 2013
Im testing the new LTE from VIVA, I live in San Pedro, with the 3G signal the coverage is really much better, and the LTE speed in my iphone 6S plus reached 86 mbps download and 20 mbps upload when the signal was full. With signal with 3 points I got 56 mbps donwload and 13 mbps upload. I noticed that here they need stil to add more antenas for the LTE.

Their prepaid plans are very good with unlimited internet with downgrade the speed to 384 after you reach the 50GB as says their usage politics. Before they launched the officially the service I was testing the services and was downgraded the speed to 256 and worked stable and very good, so the new speed of 384 for sure will work perfect and the best thing is I will have internet until the date of expiration of my purchase of the package, I purchased 7 days of internet for 145.00 pesos.

If some one is using Samsung S8+ purchased in Orange or Claro will have to go to Main Office in Santo Domingo in Churchill Av. to add the featuring that will open the MIMO channels in the phone to reach the maximum speed. meanwhile will be working only LTE 2 X 2 and not 4 x 4.

Here there is a link of some body that adquired the new S8+ from VIVA making an speed test and reached an average of 170 mbps download.

If some of you is using VIVA tell me your experience, and those that do not use VIVA should try with prepaid chip.