Want to sell to the government; get your papers in order


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Dec 7, 2020
The Procurement Agency (DGCP) announces that soon thousands of providers will no longer be allowed to participate in tenders for government business. The DGCP is carrying out a purchase to check for those who have not paid the taxes for the Mercantile Registry or may have expired small business certificates.


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Jan 20, 2003
The government can confiscate any private property at any given time and there isn’t much that can be done when they want your property. Aside from knowing a case in which an acquaintance dream house which she built herself and she was very proud of that given how much she talked about that house was confiscated by the government, but the Trujillo’s had all their properties and businesses in the DR confiscated too in the 1960’s. Trujillo’s businesses were mostly grouped in a government holding company called CORDE. Most of the businesses, which were profitable when Trujillo was alive, bankrupted due to corruption and just plain stupidity (this includes Dominicana de Aviación). This was a case of outright theft as many people became millionaires for no other reason than being in charge of those businesses and transferring the money from the company’s bank account to their personal ones.

Banco de Reservas is the most successful Trujillo owned businesses and that too is government owned. No one knows how much is worth, except it’s the DR’s largest bank. Popular is the second largest and that one is worth in the billions US dollars. Take a guess where Banreservas stands.

Alright, the point is the government can take any private property, offer their amounts (regardless if the property is worth more) and if you reject, they still take it this time without paying you.