Wanting to purchase apt/land in Juan Dolio


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Mar 18, 2004
My husband and I would like to buy a 1 bedroom apt or condo in Juan Dolio. Alternatively we have considered buying property and building ourselves. We are interested in hearing from anyone who has bought an apt or property there recently. Are there many properties for sale? Many new developments? What is the price range - beach front versus non-beach front? Weblinks to sales sites?


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Mar 2, 2002
Scotia.....lots available in the area.
US$80,000 and up depending on where and what.
Check out some of the listings here on the board.
Best thing to do is come down on vacation and have a look around.


Apr 2, 2006
MommC said:
Best thing to do is come down on vacation and have a look around.
Juan Dolio is big enough to look around.. Price for lots : from US$40 to US$120 per m2 . In Villas Del Mar area lots are 750 or 875 m2 , some of them bigger . You can buy a lot for a nice house , or 2 lots together for a development of some villas or a building. Better to be close to Bullevard. You can buy an apartment or a villa. Enough choice in the area. Check some on the list : www.dr1.com/directories/realestate/las_olas.shtml www.dr1.com/realestate/Juan_Dolio.shtml


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Jun 4, 2006
Property in Juan Dolio/DR

Property in Juan Dolio

I can offer you various properties in Juan Dolio (and in the rest of the DR), and I am definitely not the only one, from lots to apartments and villas, on or close to the beach, not so close to the beach, on the golf course or not, etc. etc.
Juan Dolio is a very divers place with many options and I think that everyone can and will achieve their style of life in combination with their real estate goal (permanent home, vacation or part-time home) in Juan Dolio, but only after one has decided what it is that one wants and that Juan Dolio is the place for him or her!

Buying an apartment, house or villa in a large project or development is quite different from buying one in a small complex or setting, or buying one particular property from an owner, with all the differences and challenges involved.

Do you want many people around you all the time, do you need or want many facilities and amenities very close to you, or are privacy and space more important to you.
One can always visit ?busy and meeting places? if and when necessary and then return back to their quiet and private home if so desired.

Can you and do you want to handle the fuss, stuff and stress of constructing and building a home in the DR, especially as a foreigner, or do you strive for this type of challenges.

In short, it would be smart to first decide what it is that you and your partner want and can achieve, if there is a partner, based on preferences, intentions, experiences, goals and last but not least, financial means.
This will also help you to take care of several important questions such as where, why, when and how.

This approach will not only make each step in the process to acquire your (dream) home or property a lot easier for identification and execution, but will also help to avoid common problems that many even ?experienced? buyers suffer from in the DR.

Please feel free to contact me for more information and/or questions.