Warm water problems


Nov 18, 2002

I am facing the following 'problem'.

Since a bit more than a year I have an instant water heater. It turns on with the flow of water and gives warm (hot) water right away. It used to work well, except for when my neighbours decided to take showers or do laundry at the moment that I would like to take my shower....the water pressure dropped significantly and the heater would not turn on.

However since about half a year I don't have any hot water at all. I had the representatives of my water heater brand send a mechanic to check the heater (while I assumed it was broken) but when they were here, they made it work, they said it had to do with the way the Tinaco has been installed, and when they closed the valve of the Tinaco it worked (also according to my wife who was present. However, when I came from my work it did not work anymore. They came again, could not get it back to work, changed the warming element, but that did not help either. They took the heater to their office and had it checked there. Supposedly it worked fine there.

They told me that the cause probably is the way the water system in my building is installed. It might be true, while our water system has some serious problems. Sometimes, when the Tinaco is being filled up, the heater DOES turn on......feeding the Tinaco with HOT water. Sometimes when I close the valve of the heater, still the hot water valves of lavamanos or the shower are giving (cold) water. Even the tank of the toilet sometimes gets filled with hot water, like also the one of the neighbour under me (supposedly heated with my heater).

Is there anyone who has some experience with this problem, who can tell me what he or she did, or recommend me a good plumber that know what he is doing and can fix this. I have had 'plumbers' here but that 's this kind of professional that today is plumber, tomorrow painter and next week car mechanic.

All I want is a warm shower in the morning....

gr. Mauricio


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Dec 8, 2003
Minimum Flow

There are some types of water heaters that require a minimum flow to have their electric switch kick in.
So opening another faucet when the shower valve is on might help.
The tinaco seems to lack a check valve.
Other problems may still need to be looked at.
At least you have a neighbour-friendly system.


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Jan 8, 2002
I sounds like you have multiple problems including perhaps low water pressure contributing to the "low flow" problem mentioned.

Rememer that in this country, A problem solved is two problems created.