Washing hair with insecticides


frank recktenwald

Google translation:

GUAYUBIN - A Dominican teenage girl died after her parents tried to wash her head hair with insecticide.

Eleven-year-old child Sarleny Perdomo from Guayabín, in the north of the Caribbean island, suffered from lice. Her parents wanted to make short work of the main crawlers and decided to use the insecticide diazinon. For example, the Latin-American news site Telemundo reports.

The girl went unconscious and was taken to a medical post. There, however, she appeared to have stopped breathing. According to the responsible physician, her death is due to the organic phosphorus compound from the poison.

When the family wanted to bury the body, Dominican government officials stopped the funeral procession. They have confiscated the body for further investigation. The Dominican Public Prosecution Service is considering whether the parents can be prosecuted for death due to guilt.

Diazinon was developed as a pesticide in Switzerland in the 1950s. The substance paralyzes the fly and respiratory muscles of insects. Around the turn of the century, it was banned in the United States and the European Union, partly because Brussels considered the risks too great for people who work with them.

I just read this but couldn't find anything else about this case on the internet which is strange. :ermm:


That is crazy I saw a video about a girl telling her mom to use a dishwasher for her hair nothing happened. Insecticide is just too much, I feel heartbroken just by reading on the title.