Water Tank Without Tinaco?

DR Solar

Nov 21, 2016
Any ideas for water ?

I have a condo where I am not allowed to install a tinaco due to housing associations rules. Water runs out during peak times.

Any suggestions what to do? I found some pressure tank of 80 gallons in fibreglass but I wanted to hear if anyone had any ideas or heard of similar situations. Cistern are not possible either.

Link to tank:
Read the condo rules VERY CAREFULLY. I'd talk to other owners and get their take. Then a lawyer.


Sep 16, 2004
As DR Solar mentions, have you spoken with the others?, do other owners have no water in peak hours?, if so, hold a meeting and get the rules changed, as a group you might have some pull.


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Feb 22, 2022
Back in 2017 in the after math of Maria I flew to PR with a crateful of goodies to ease the burden on family there.Along with 4 generators I also brought over a few gadgets I think may be of help here.One of the most convenient was a handheld portable camp shower head, basically a submersible pump connected to a shower head that has a rechargeable battery that has an android port to charge with.

Second was a plastic barrel ( bucket ) adapter that provides essentially a faucet:with a couple of hand tools and a drill you have a quasi sink no need to dunk a pot or jug just twist and enjoy.

Third was an rv water pump that I found on eBay.If you go this route make sure it is a 120 volt model as opposed to 12 volt.It operates off of pressure sensitivity and many units can run dry without burning up. ( although I did install a switch as to provide a safeguard ) Shurflo is the brand most campers rely on but you'll see many more brands available, your choice.

Lastly was a luxury that my bougie a** could not live without, and that is a portable tankless propane water heater. I have seen them in the bigger hardware stores on the island ( Ochoa Bellon ) I believe the biggest name in these units is Lorenzetti? This is the only suggestion that requires quite a bit of caution because you have to either install it outside or you must provide adequate ducting for exhaust fumes. As Murphy's Law would have it this was the only one I was not able to use because of course there was no propane available at the time (Womp womp )

I would advise the KISS approach. Keep it simple,stoopid I would never try to guess what my patio can hold weight wise, what the electrical capacity in my electrical panel in my condo is,( if you were considering electric tankless ) and what water column, rate of rise, head pressure, and any other calculations that nerds like me consider a turn on. Take a page out of Camper's notebooks travel light, and keep it rudimental.

That battery powered shower works good along with the foldable buckets, much better then using hand containers. Now let’s look into hearing that water…